Beans & Bridges

Beans & Bridges is our way of giving back.  We are so blessed to be able to do what we do and enjoy the labors of so many in the coffee chain.  Coffee farmers and their families work so hard to ensure that their coffee is of the highest quality, sometimes at great sacrifice.  We feel indebted to those who make our livelyhoods possible, and we try to give back both on a local level, through raising awareness and educational events, as well as globally, by doing fundraising for the excellent non-profits that we have had the proveledge to work with at places of origin.


Brewing Market is working closely with Agros International to raise funds to help poor Nicaraguan coffee farmers to buy coffee plant seedlings. By adding just 10 cents to your purchase, you can help us change the lives of those who help supply your daily cup of brew.

For more information about Agros International and Artine and Sydney Yapoujian’s work with Agros coffee farmers, visit the Seattle Channel and Agros International.

For more information about the issues that coffee farmers and their families face every year in a period known as “The Thin Months” visit After the Harvest and watch their newly released film, narrated by Susan Sarandon.

Beans and Bridges Trip to Nicaragua, October, 2011

Our trip to visit three of the Agros coffee growing villages in the Matagalpa region in Nicaragua was an incredible experience. Along with Artine and Sydney Yapoujian, Owners, we were able to take three of our staff members. We visited El Eden, Tierra Nueva, and Nueva Esperanza, where we were greeted in the highest of fashion with music and dancing! 

These villagers, who were once the poorest of the poor, the coffee pickers and migrant workers who existed on less then a dollar a day, have been given the chance to own their own land by Agros International, and change their destinies. Our efforts of fund raising through our five coffee shops last year, which was matched once by the Brewing Market, and again by an anonymous donor, resulted in our being able to give Agros over $15,000 in aid. This money is being used to help the farmers buy new coffee plant seedlings as well as establish a coffee production training program, which the Brewing Market owner, Artine Yapoujian, has been asked to be an intimate part of developing.


Artine Yapoujian and his wife, Sydney have had the priveledge of giving some coffee farmers in Nicaragua their FIRST TASTE OF COFFEE, EVER!

Since roasting equipment is expensive, as is buying a cup of coffee, usually only available in the cities, most of the coffee farmers and pickers we have worked with, which is not unusual, have NEVER TASTED coffee in their lifetime.  

Artine brought a small propane fired, hand cranked roaster with him to the coffee farms and gave a coffee roasting demonstration.  

After roasting the coffee and separating the chaffe, he treated the farmers to an official "Cupping," which is the official method of tasting and evaluating coffee in the coffee business. What a wonderful experience!

Artine and Sydney Yapoujian with the leadership of Agros' largest village to date, Tierra Nueva, which means, New Land.

With the funds raised by the Brewing Market, they were able to purchase over 200,000 coffee seedlings for this new coffee producing village in the Matagalpa region of Nicaragua.

These coffee plants will be the main source of income for over 500 families for years to come!

Contact Agros International to find out more about their work at  


We carefully taste test and select coffees from the best small farms, then hand roast each in small batches to bring out its delightful aroma and fullest, most deeply satisfying flavors.


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