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Black Teas

Chinese Black Teas
  • China Keemun - a traditional tea which has a mellow body with sweet undertones.      

  • Pu-erh Tuo Cha Bird’s Nest - Bold and traditional mini Pu-erh cake with a rich and earthy flavor.
Indian Black
  • Assam - everyday variety of this renowned Indian black tea; produces a nice brew.
  • Sessa Assam -Assam teas are known for their distinctively malty taste with a full-body; stands up well to milk & sugar.
  • House Ceylon - A quality ceylon with a traditional flavor.
  • Organic Makaibari 2nd Flush Darjeeling - from the Makiabari Estate at the foot of the Himalayas comes this wonderfully fruity, floral tea renowned for its complex profile which reminds one of Muscat grapes.
Blended Black Teas
  • English Breakfast - Our own traditional blend of Keemun, Assam, Kenyan & Ceylon teas that produce a robust, full flavored cup that stands up well to milk & sugar.
  • Irish Breakfast - Our own blend of the Irish favorite with a higher quantity of Assam lending itself to a malty, full bodied brew.
  • Scottish Breakfast - similar to English Breakfast this tea has hints of oak along with a full body which also stands up well to milk & sugar.

Decaffeinated Teas

  • Decaf Earl Grey - traditional tea with oil of Bergamot
  • Decaf English Breakfast - decaf version of a traditional blend
  • Decaf Ceylon -a decaffeinated version of classic Ceylon.

Green Teas

Are mostly unoxidized and contain about 15%-30% the caffeine content of a regular cup of coffee

Chinese Green Teas
  • Gunpowder - a full bodied green tea known for its tightly rolled pellets; has a sweet yet slightly smoky taste.
  • Panfired Green - a lovely toasted taste with a slightly sweet finish
  • Dragonwell Superior -legendary tea that has a lovely jade liquor with a sweet, chestnut aroma that is not to be missed.
  • Organic Clouds and Mist - also known as Yun Wu, this tea is known for its healthful elements.
Japanese Green Teas
  • Sencha - a spring harvested tea that is popular as an everyday brew; this tea is full bodied with a lovely, vegetal sweet aftertaste.
  • Gyokuro - a famous, premium green tea from Japan known for its unique growing process which lends itself to the bright green infusion & the surprisingly sweet grassiness. 

  • Genmaicha - is a unique tea which has popped corn & puffed rice added to Sencha for a toasted flavor.
  • Uji Genmaicha - this version includes Matcha green tea as well to produce a strong, toasty cup 
  • Kukicha - a very unique tea that uses no leave but instead the twigs of the tea plant; this green Kukicha is mildly nutty with a creamy sweetness.

White Teas

White Teas are un-oxidized teas that contain 1%-2% the caffeine content of a regular cup of coffee

  • Organic White Peony - A light cup with a floral nose and slightly sweet finish

      White Tea Soft Pearls - a delicate tea with subtle complexity  

Oolong Teas

Oolong teas are semi-oxidized teas that contain about 15%-50% the caffeine content of a regular cup of coffee

      Choicest Oolong - more oxidized for an earthy flavor, improves as it is resteeped

  • Green Dragon Tung Ting - a Taiwanese oolong sure not to disappoint with its buttery body & floral notes which is quite refreshing

Herbal Infusions

  • Rooibos - also known as “red bush” this herbal is naturally caffeine free, high in antioxidants and calcium; a great choice for those who want a full bodied beverage that also has hints of natural sweetness

  • Cool Mint Breeze - a refreshing herbal enjoyed hot or cold; contains spearmint, peppermint, citrus peel, rosehips, organic lemon myrtle, and a touch of stevia leaf for a touch of natural sweetness

  • Chamomile Vanilla Bean - an exotic blend of Egyptian Chamomile, organic honey bush, kukicha, lemongrass, licorice, with hand-cut vanilla bean, & Stevia leaf 

  • Organic Whole Plant Blueberry “Tea”  - a wonder of nature. Only 100% organic Maine Blueberries & organic Blueberry leaves creates this antioxidant delight. 

      Yoga Blend - the perfect apri workout treat!  Spicy and revitalizing.
       Feel Better Blend - Everything to comfort and revive
       Ruby Nectar - Beautiful pink liquor with a tangy sweetness
       Organic Peppermint - Freshness at it's best!
       Hawaiian Pineapple - one of our favorites to ice!  Fruity and juicy
       Kiwi Strawberry - Pink and fruity, also a great one to serve iced

  • Evening in Missoula - a very popular herbal. Chamomile, rosehips, raspberry, papaya, peppermint, spearmint, strawberry leaf, vanilla, passion flower, red clover, star anise, and wild cherry bark. Absolutely fabulous!

Flavoredand Scented Teas

Green Flavored and Scented Teas
  • Jasmine Special Grade - Beautifully floral and light

  • Finest Jasmine Pearls - a first flush tea this rarity undergoes a unique process of rolling the jasmine blossoms and fine green tea together in a pearl that unfurls in your cup; a true delight

Oolong Flavored and Scented Teas
  • Mandarin Silk Oolong-s an award winning pouchong that has been scented with lemon myrtle, marigold blossoms & natural vanilla essence that produces a phenomenal brew that is a true treat for the senses. 

  • Creme Caramel Oolong - A creamy treat!

Black Flavored and Scented Teas
  • Earl Grey - a traditional black tea blended with oil of Bergamot for a citrusy brew

  • Earl Grey La Crème - a delightful take on the classic Earl Grey with hints of vanilla & cornflower blossoms; an excellent choice for a London Fog.

  • Ginger Peach - spicy and peachy, great for stimulating the palatte

  • Coconut Black Tea - Very popular in the summer as an iced tea, or try it as a tea Latte with coconut milk and chocolate syrup for a truffle-like treat

  • Passionfruit Jasmine - a beautifully blended black tea that balances the fruitiness of Passionfruit with the delicate floral aroma of night blooming Jasmine. Makes a perfect iced tea!


We carefully taste test and select coffees from the best small farms, then hand roast each in small batches to bring out its delightful aroma and fullest, most deeply satisfying flavors.


All Brewing Market Teas are available by the cup or in bulk for you to take home and enjoy!  We have over 40 teas and tisanes for you to explore!


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