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Process: Wet Hulled & Aged 4 Years

Grower/Region: Several Small Villages in Northern Sumatra / Aceh, Sumatra


Notes: Aged coffee, once popular in England, is now a rare coffee to experience. Although any coffee can be aged, coffees with low acidity such as Sumatra Mandheling age the best. This coffee is harvested and wet hulled processed.. From there it is aged in its raw state in warehouses designed to allow warm tropical air to circulate around the beans. Many precautions and procedures are set in place to ensure proper aging without damage to the beans. The coffee is sampled multiple times a year as it ages and only goes to market when it has peaked, which is usually 3 to 5 years. This unique coffee is heavy with flavor and would certainly please the whiskey drinkers among us!

Aged Sumatra Mandheling - 16 oz.

SKU: 004232020263
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