Flavor: Peanut, Chocolate, Sweet

Process: Washed

Grower / Region: Café Organico Marcala, S.A. (COMSA) / Marcala, La Paz, Honduras 


Notes: Café Organico Marcala, S.A. (COMSA) is a cooperative of 1,500 producer-members that produce Bird Friendly® coffee certified by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center (SMBC). COMSA strives to educate its members on how to successfully live in harmony with nature. It starts with the La Fortaleza, the COMSA biodynamic demonstration farm where the focus of transferring knowledge takes place through week- long seminars. COMSA dedicates significant funding from the proceeds of coffee sales to run a cutting-edge international school dedicated to filling children’s minds with possibility and training them to be the future leaders.

Organic Honduras SMBC COMSA- 16 oz

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