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Process: Natural, Dry Green Beans are Exposed to Monsoon, Rains from June - September in Warehouses on the Mangalore Coastline 

Grower/Region: Family Owned Farms in the Chikmagalur Growing Region of Karnataka / Chikmagalur Growing Region of Karnataka, India


Notes: This unique coffee is grown by family owned farms that date back almost 100 years. These third and fourth generation producers are caring environmental stewards who grow their coffee under shade and intercrop peppers, cardamom, and oranges. Care is taken to select fully ripened cherries that are naturally sun dried and then hulled.  “Monsooning” occurs when the green processed coffee is transported to the Malabar coastal city of Mangalore during the rainy monsoon months (June to August) and spread out on large covered patios where the coffee can slowly absorb moisture, causing it to swell and turn white. The swollen white coffee is placed in warehouses where it is constantly moved until the moisture is reduced to 11 percent to avoid damage during exportation. This is a truly unique coffee that is worth trying!

Monsoon Malabar - 16 oz

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