Flavor: Tart Pineapple, Peach, Toffee

Process: Washed

Grower / Region: 235 coffee producers from communities within Mbozi District / Mbozi District, Songwe Region, Tanzania


Notes: Africa has some of the most renowned coffee profiles in the world and Tanzania stands strong among them. The quality continues to rise as companies like Neumann Kaffee Gruppe (NKG) invest in infrastructure, which includes collective mills called CPUs (central processing unit) where cherry production from small farms is received and then carefully processed. Centrally located CPUs process coffee more consistently and ensure better quality, which results in better prices from the international market and more income for producers. This peaberry lot is sourced from a group of 235 producers located in the Mbozi district within the Songwe region where the bulk of production comes from small family owned farms consisting of just a few acres of land. The rounder shaped peaberry, formed from the maturation of one seed per cherry rather than the

Tanzania Mbozi CPU Peaberry - 16 oz

SKU: 004232020393
Whole Bean or Ground

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