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Dark Chocolate | Soft Red Wine | Clean | Fresh Berry


Process: Natural

Grower / Region: 97 smallholder farms from the villages of Bani Alawam and Mabyan, organized around Pearl of Tehama / Hajjah Governorate, Yemen


Notes: This coffee is produced by small legacy farmers in the high mountains of Yemen’s northwestern Hajjah Governorate, specifically from the village communities of Bani Alawam and Mabyan. Coffee-growing families in this part of Yemen, similar to many others across the country, tend parcels of terraced land passed through many generations. Farm sizes average about one hectare only, managed by an average household size of 6 family members. Coffee is the one crop that continues to survive all others, both for the livelihood it provides as well as being a deep social tradition that keeps communities together. Coffee tends to be 30-50% of family income in this part of Yemen. Hajjah’s terroir is considered one of the best in the country and coffee produced here is constantly in demand both internationally and domestically.

Yemen Mocca Hajjah - 16oz

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