Flavor: White Grape, Tangy, Caramel Sweetness

Process: Washed

Grower / Region: Producers organized around Mwira and Muthuthuini Factories, Gititu and Kangiri Farmer Cooperative Societies, and Rukera Estate / Nyeri, Murang’a, Kiambu, and Embu Counties


Notes: Kenya is dominated by microlot coffee that is often blending with other microlots centered around the same processing factory. Every year, our green coffee importer works with multiple transparent factories to create a unique blend of Kenya green coffee. Our importer meticulously cups the coffees with the factories until the desired flavor is reached; the coffee is then sorted by screen size to ensure a more even roast. Bringing together multiple factories from across Kenya, allows these microlots to be sold to roasteries seeking a larger quantity than each individual factory can offer. 

Kenya AB Plus - 16 oz

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